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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy (colon irrigation) is a safe and gentle process that cleanses the colon of unwanted toxins, accumulated faecal matter, gas and mucus that build up over time, by repeatedly flushing it with warm water.

Colon hydrotherapy helps to achieve optimal bowel function by hydrating the colon, re- balancing matter and gas; removes excess wastes and exercises the large intestine which assists absorption, assimilation and elimination which is instrumental in the health and wellbeing of the body and mind.

Colonic hydrotherapy can help to improve bowel function, help to achieve clearer skin, more mental clarity and fewer headaches. Circulatory, immune, inflammatory and weight problems can also improve with colon hydrotherapy when accompanied by a recommended diet and lifestyle changes.

In a consultation, you will be required to complete a questionnaire that will give me an idea of your general health. I will also answer any questions you might have.


During the treatment I will use sterile disposable colonic hydrotherapy equipment. Warm purified water will be gently introduced into the rectum that will soften and expel faecal matter and compacted deposits that have built up over time.

I will, in addition, gently massage the abdomen area to encourage the released of faecal matter.

The process is not messy at all and there is no odour as the pipe is enclosed.The colonic treatment will last anything from 30 - 45 minutes. Herbal and probiotics implants may be used to further enhance your treatment. The process is not painful.  

At the end of the process, I will provide you with aftercare advice as well as dietary recommendations. I do recommend that probiotics be taken for at least a month following a colonic treatment. Probiotics can be purchase at the studio.

The bowel is porous and is designed to absorb liquid. The active elements of the coffee enema will be absorbed very quickly and easily into the portal system.

Through the portal vein, the therapeutic properties in the coffee enema, such as palmitic acid and caffeine go directly to your liver. There, they enhance the production and activity of glutathione enzyme, a very powerful free radical fighter, which is concentrated in the liver.

The glutathione captures the free radicals and toxins and safely escorts them out of the body.

Note: The coffee itself does not travel to the liver through the portal system! Only the palmitic acid and other compounds that are extracted through the colon wall into the veins surrounding it are carried to the liver. For this reason, most people who are intolerant of coffee taken as a drink have no problem with coffee enemas.

It is by the route described above that a coffee cleanse enema powerfully detoxifies the whole bloodstream. Because coffee enema increases your body's production of glutathione  by 700%, it is amazingly effective at quenching free radicals as well as cleansing all manner of toxic elements out of the body.

The newly purified blood now has the capacity to carry deeper layers of toxins out of the cells. In a relatively short time, regular use of coffee cleanse frees the body of deeply sequestered toxins that may never have been removed otherwise.

What Does A Colonic Session Involve?

Coffee Enema

Benefits of Having a Colonic Hydrotherapy

Better Nutrition Adsorption

Clearer Skin

Less Toxin Absorption

Less Bloating and Gas

Weight Loss

Increased energy

Regular Bowel Movements

Mental Clarity

Less Constipated

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