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What previous clients have to say

Experienced my first Colonic Hydrotherapy today and never thought I would hear myself say this..but it was amazing and I feel like I have reset my digestive system, I feel lighter and more energised. Alison, you are so professional and your knowledge about nutrition is incredible. I have learnt so much today and it all makes perfect s to an 80/20 clean diet, more good fats and energy xx Thank you so much x 

- Ann Marie

I had my first treatment today, although slightly nervous and unsure of what to expect I can honestly say it was one of the best treatments for my body I have ever had! Alison made me feel so relaxed and her expertise and knowledge in her field is incredible! I have left feeling lighter both in body and mind! With a happy gut and colon! 

Catherine -

I have suffered with constipation and bloating for years and could go for days without having a bowel movement. I have a healthy, well balanced diet, but for some reason my bowel seemed reluctant to function as it should. It's a well known joke within my family that if I'd had a particularly 'bad' week, my Friday night treat wasn't a pizza and a glass of wine, but a Senokot Max, just to give my body some relief! I was a little nervous, but my 1st treatment wasn't at all painful, it just felt a bit strange, yet surprisingly enough, rather relaxing. To say I was amazed with the results afterwards is an understatement. My bowels seem to have a kick start back to life and have been 'working' for the last 20 days out of 21, which has never happened before. I had my 2nd treatment yesterday, with continued success today! I feel so much better and will certainly have further treatments as and when I need them. Thank you Alison.

- LM

For around 30 years I have suffered with the discomfort of chronic constipation & bloating and despite numerous visits to my GP starting as a teenager my symptoms have never been resolved, with the only options being to take laxatives (prescribed & over-the-counter) which gave only short term fixes with no long term solution to tackle the cause.

My husband came home with the contact details for Alison, and encouraged me to be brave and take matters in to my own hands. I contacted Alison and after a 15 minute telephone conversation providing her with a brief history she said that she felt she could help me so I made an appointment. Alison was lovely right from the start, she made me feel at ease straight away, we went through my medical history and for the first time, someone was asking me if I knew why I had the problems I did.  At no point did she blame my diet or lifestyle, in fact she helped me identify a significant event in my life that potentially started my problems. 

Alison explained the treatment to me and despite being nervous and usually being an ‘Automatic NO person’ I agreed to have the treatment. I won’t lie, it was a little weird, but Alison talked me through what was happening at every stage, in between distracting me with other topics of conversation. At no point was it painful, just a sensation of bubbling in my stomach.  When the treatment was finished Alison sat with me again and talked me through some minor adjustments I could make to my diet to help my system work again, there was no pressure to take this advice and it was all very easy to implement.

After the treatment I felt wonderful, and unbelievably I could not wait to tell people, such a taboo subject, and I was telling anyone who would listen, I could not believe how good I felt. I have now had my second treatment, which I went to with no reservations or fear, I actually looked forward to it. I am already starting to feel the benefits and my system is slowly starting to work on it’s own, I no longer feel sluggish or heavy.

I would have no doubts about recommending Alison to anyone in a similar position to me, my only regret is that I did not seek treatment years ago, I have undergone years of unnecessary suffering. Alison is lovely, she makes you feel at ease and explains what she is doing at every stage and the benefits it will have, her goal is to get your system working again naturally on it’s own. I will definitely be seeing Alison again.

Catherine -

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